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Kelsey Pryor

Based in Cincinnati, OH USA


Hey I'm Kels! I'm a video producer and social media manager.


  • Videos: I've been making videos ever since I can remember and I've been increasing in skill and opportunity. I've made a variety of documentary, interview, promotional and event videos. (See video page)

  • Podcast: I am a podcast producer for the non-profit I work for where I produce and manage 3 podcast series'. I also produce 2 podcasts for familyteams.com. They are recorded in a variety of scenarios, from interviews to room conversation, recorded presentations and sometimes just a one person recording. I also do a series where we capture audio and video to make a podcast and YouTube channel.

  • Social media: I currently manage the social media account accounts for @familyteams and @justsewstudio. I post pictures and stories on Instagram including BTS, live videos, updates, and announcements. I also manage multiple Facebook pages, groups and ad accounts.

  • Equipment I have used: Canon DSLR t3i, Canon DSLR t4i, Sony a5100, Sony a6000,  Zoom h4n, Blue Snowball Microphone, Tascam lavaliere mic, Shure WH20XLR Dynamic Headset Microphone.


  • Software I use: Final Cut Pro x, Adobe Premier, Adobe Audition.

Service Reviews- 

"Setting clear expectations and delivering as described are high priorities for me. Kelsey nailed those elements and produced the project on time and as desired. She handled communication through phone, email, and in person professionally and gave critical feedback and encouragement at appropriate times through the process." --Rhett Barbour, Founder and Director of TorchPrep

"Kelsey was a privilege to work with. She is fast, competent, smart, and most of all takes initiative to get things done. I know many folks who could use her expertise and services." --Jefferson Bethke, NYT Best Selling Author of Jesus > Religion 

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